Meet America’s 6 Richest Women

Forbes' comprehensive list of the world's billionaires (there are 1,226) came out recently, and we were curious--are there women on the list?

Turns out, there are. Yes, men far outnumber the ladies. But starting at number 11, women help fill out the ranks of the fabulously wealthy.

Where do these fortunes come from? Uniformly, these top six women have shrewdly managed the companies and fortunes handed to them by husbands and fathers. But most of these women have put in their own hard work into these companies to grow them, especially the woman who is now president of Fidelity Investments. (Because women do make better investors!)

Of course, it took a few generations for these fortunes to build up, and many of the male billionaires on Fortunes' list are, well, advanced in age, having worked hard for their wealth over a lifetime. We're looking forward to a few years down the road when the list is populated by many more women and their own companies, instead of those founded by the the men in their lives.

After all, the founder of Spanx just broke into the billionaire list. Who knows what kind of riches she'll have by the time she retires?

Click on the pictures below to learn more about some of the richest women in the world:

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  • julie

    I wish this list didn’t make such a statement on the value of marrying rich.

  • DD

    Meh, this list is disappointing. Would have rather seen a list of the richest women who made their fortunes themselves rather than having it handed down to them by their fathers. It would have been more inspiring.

    • Completely agree. Widows and daughters are not very inspiring.  Maybe they are in fact the 6 richest women in America, but there’s not a lot for readers to take away here. 

  • KS

    DD – I agree!  Why are all of these women rich b/c they got there wealth from men?

  • XS

    What a disappointing glimpse at wealthy women. None self-made.