Infographic: Could Workplace Stress Kill You?

The next time your cubicle-mate says the job is killing her, you might want to give her a little more credit.

According to Human Resources MBA, women who participated in a 20-year study of over 800 adults and reported having more control and power (and therefore, more stress) in the workplace were 70% more likely to die during the study's duration than those who reported lower levels of power.

That's only one of the statistics in the site's awesome—but alarming—infographic, which also names the most stressful job (commercial pilot), least stressful job (audiologist) and mentions that stress has been called "the 21st century equivalent of the Black Death."

Ominous, huh?

Just in case the image below stresses you out, we've written before on the best ways for women to beat stress, as well as the fact that American stress levels might be down overall. So take your stats with a grain of salt.

Image: Human Resources MBA, via The Jane Dough

Perhaps it's time to declare a war on stress?

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  • Dee

    work place is the most stressful place.  I am an autoworkers who on a daily basis is watched,judged and degraded if we do something wrong.  It has got to the point that people hate to come to work everyday and do not want any overtime because they would rather be out from under the way they get treated everyday.  No matter how hard you work or what you do you will never receive a complainment.  A simple that was a good job or you ran good today would be nice but you never hear it.  It has got to the point of people counting the time until they can retire which only God knows when that will be because it gets changed everyday.  But sometimes it seems worth it even if you are looking at proverty level living it sounds better then all the money they could pay you, at least you will have peace which is worth it’s weight in gold.