DIY Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Bridesmaid Boxes

DIY Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Bridesmaid Boxes

So, you're getting married, and you want all your besties there.

How do you ask them to play a principal role in your big day? You could ...

  1. send them a text message
  2. call them up
  3. ask them over brunch, or
  4. make them each a keepsake that tells them what they mean to you, asks them to participate and brings a tear to their eyes

Naturally, we like option d.

This so-called bridesmaids box is a lovely little art project that also gets your bridesmaids even more pumped (and sentimental) about helping you out in your wedding.

We've got some guidelines below on how to make a bridesmaid box from bride-to-be LV Moms Editor Cheryl Lock, but there really is no one right way. Just be creative and make sure that the boxes convey what they mean to you and why you want them to be at your side when you tie the knot!


altA cigar box
Masking tape
Wood paint
Paintbrush, at least an inch wide
Scrapbooking paper 
Hot glue or super glue
Letter stickers
Mini clothespins
Stock paper
Lace, or any other art supplies you want


Sand the wood cigar box, and wipe it off with a damp cloth. When it's dry, cover the latches with masking tape to protect them from the paint, coat the outside box with primer and let it dry. Then paint the outside with three coats of paint, letting it dry for 15 to 20 minutes in between. Follow the grain of the wood with your brush, and keep all the strokes going in the same direction. To finish the outside, glue some sequins flowers to the cover.

For the inside of the box, measure its dimensions and cut the scrapbooking paper to those measurements. Paste the paper using the glue, and then write out your message using the letter stickers. As you can see, Cheryl wrote, "Be my MOH?" (as in maid of honor).

As for what you place inside, your own personal creativity and the relationship you have with this particular person should inform what you make.

Cheryl cut some stock paper into cards and wrote out the definition of "matron of honor" on one card, and the definition of "sister" on the other. For the "sister" card, she also put some personal definitions of what her own sister means to her, referencing memories of their childhood. She also attached glued some lace to the matron of honor card. She then printed out photos of their childhood, and clipped them together using miniature clothespins.

The result is an adorable, sentimental box that reminds both giver and recipient of why they mean so much to each and why they'll be celebrating the bride's big day together.

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