DIY Project of the Month: What to Do With Leftover Ribbon

Over time, we've found that the LearnVest community tends to love DIY projects--not just because they save money as compared to buying things from the store, but also because making something yourself can be fun.

(Did you see our story on homemade yogurt?)

Today, we bring you a DIY project that's a perfect weekend activity ... especially if you still have leftover gift-wrapping supplies from the holidays. Isn't it time that drawer got spring cleaned, too?

Ribbon is beautiful, but surprisingly expensive. As such, we've been known to save especially pretty strands until the bottom of our gift-wrap drawer is a tangled mess of satin, grosgrain, organza and velvet, just waiting for the next birthday or gift-giving holiday to pop up.

But you don't even have to: Today, we'll show you a ton of fun ways to make use of those ribbon scraps—from wine charms to home décor to organizing tips to party decorations, and even more.

How Do You Decorate on a Budget?

When you want to decorate, do you try DIY projects? What other DIY projects have you done in the past to save money?

Better yet, these easy, DIY ideas shouldn't cost you a dime if you have a couple of craft supplies like a hot glue gun, double-stick tape and toothpicks.

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  • Pony_girl86

    I love some of these ideas- thanks for sharing! The love notes, decorating a lamp shade, bookmark, and key chains are great ideas!