Cash Mobs Even More Fun Than Flash Mobs

Cash Mobs Even More Fun Than Flash Mobs

How do you feel about flash mobs?

Do you love them (because they're just so cool!) or hate them (because they're just so annoying!)?

Now: What about cash mobs?

Cash mobs are part of the movement to support local businesses. Participants arrange a "spontaneous" meeting at an unprepared location—a local business—and then they spend.

Between the flash mob and the spending, they're attracting a lot of attention.

Jezebel brought it to our attention when the first International Cash Mob Day was held on March 24. Masterminded by a Cleveland lawyer, crowds in the United States and Europe gathered with the intention to spend at least $20 at a locally-owned business and meet new people.

We love the idea of supporting local businesses, but remember that the excitement of a cash mob doesn't mean you should spend indiscriminately. The first person to create a "Cash Mob" folder in the My Money Center gets five LV gold stars* ...

*Note: LV gold stars are not actually a thing.

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