A Chef’s Recipes: 10 School Lunch Options to Make This Weekend

10 Healthy School Lunch Options You Can Make This WeekendKelsey Banfield is a wife, mother, foodie and author. She blogs about her adventures in creating tasty meals for her young daughter at The Naptime Chef, and you can pick up her latest cookbook, "The Naptime Chef: Fitting Great Food into Family Life," which is on shelves March 12. Here, Kelsey walked us through the process of creating a week's worth of school lunches in one Sunday afternoon.

Mornings are hectic when you have a family to get out the door (in fact, we tried offering a solution to the madness here).

One way to save time in the a.m. is to make a few key lunch staples over the weekend and use them throughout the week. Having the main elements planned takes the guesswork out of “what should I pack them for lunch today?” and helps you get bags packed lickety-split.

Baking bread is one of my daughter's favorite activities, and we often do it together, so you'll see that two of my suggestions include homemade bread recipes, and one for biscuits. If you don't have time to bake it yourself, though, it's easy to find a tasty equivalent at your local grocery store that will work just as well with these recipes.

Assuming you have a few staples like flour, olive oil and honey, all of these healthy lunch options cost $6 and under and can be made the weekend prior. My favorite part about these recipes is that they can easily be mixed and matched (although I've given you suggestions for what to pack alongside the main course to make the lunch a complete, wholesome meal).

For example, a container of my pasta salad is great paired with a yogurt smoothie, and the turkey roll-ups are always good when packed alongside a slice or two of healthy zucchini bread.

There: lunch is done! Now you can move on to the next morning hurdle--did she already wear that shirt this week?

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  • It helps to have more options to create delicious and creative meals that your kids   are sure to enjoy.  Thanks for posting this.