5 Things to Put in Your Purse for a Job Interview

5 Things to Put in Your Purse for a Job Interview

Here's another helpful post from our friends at Savvy Sugar, who are all about making sure you get that job! 

Job hunting is a process more people are having to go through as companies undergo big layoffs in the face of a challenged economy. It's competitive out there and the little details matter more with crowded applicant pools. Make your case stronger by showing up prepared—check for these five items before you head out the door.

Interviewer/Company Phone Number

Even if you've allowed plenty of time for traffic, the unexpected can always happen, like an accident that prevents you from getting to your interview on time. Have the phone number handy so you can call and discuss timing, and possibly reschedule your interview over the phone for another time.

Reference Sheet

Bring a sheet separate from your resume that lists your professional references. It's usually a good sign when the interviewer asks for references, so eliminate any hesitation by providing your reference list on the spot.


Print several out on nice paper and carry them with you in the same portfolio where you keep the reference sheet. Interviewers are usually prepared with their own printed version, but what if the printer ran out of ink just before you arrived? Eliminate hassle by supplying a copy of your own.

Notebook With Prepared Questions

It is inevitable the interviewer will ask if you have any questions for her. As long as you've remembered to bring the notebook where you outlined prepared questions, this part of the interview will be a breeze.

A Pen That Works

You'll need something to write down notes during your interview, for your own information and if there's anything that triggers questions you may want to save for the end. Just be sure to scribble before you leave the house so you're not stuck with a useless pen.

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