5 Piggy Banks We Love

5 Piggy Banks We LoveAh, the piggy bank.

Nothing conjures up images of childhood like an old-school piggy bank. We at LearnVest love a good piggy bank, since they provide a safe place for our kids to keep track of the spending money they save from their allowance.

These days your ordinary, run-of-the-mill piggy bank seems boring when there are so many fun, unique options available. We aren't about to run out and spend a ton on a piggy bank that's meant to help us save money, though. That's why we love these five cute cheap or DIY options ... two options won't cost you one penny.

You can find even more piggy banks, along with financial vision boards, DIY ideas, recipe ideas and more on our Pinterest account.

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  • Elizabeth Connell

    I use a pringles empty can for my piggy bank, and my grandmother used a glass pickle jar