10 Social Media Blunders That Will Hurt Your Career


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    • Not_happy

      Quite annoying that I can’t see whole document by scrolling…

      • anon

        Click list view at the top

    • Snetterton

      Seems to me that an employer who spends time trolling social media for his employees has too much much time on his hands himself and not enough work to do.

    • neverdiss

      This is why I freelance.

    • Free and glad to be

      Follow these tips and bid your private life farewell. Good sense prevails, not hiding what and who you are away from fascists’ eyes.

    • IBikeNYC

      I am just speechless.

      INMATES have more liberties than this!

    • Moonman Alpha

      A good reason to dump Twitter! Anyone who tweets regularly is a twit!

    • Julia Griggs

      Walking on eggshells is a really great way to live your only life. Maybe more people should just figure out better ways to go into business for themselves instead of bowing to the control freak culture.

    • Bruno Oliveira

      Long story short, this can be briefed as:

      1. Don’t badmouth your company or its customers at any stage (be after a successful interview, on-going job or after a bad experience whatsoever);

      2. Don’t try to play the ‘coolest guy’ making a fool of everybody and dictating what people should wear or do;

      3. If you want to say/post something publicly, be it in a blog / twitter / instagram so badly, be discreet or at the very least watch your “boldness”.

    • Staffan Henningsson

      This last one is too much. Don’t become friends with your students, fine, but to be expected to look like some kind of saint is just too much. Most people drink at some point, heck most have partied, even as ‘resposible adults’, and to have the expectation that you’re some buttoned up person who never drinks or has a good time, possibly doing something other than having family-friendly fun is really bad.