Your Morning Smile: Man Pledges 366 Random Acts of Kindness

Your Morning Smile: Man Pledges 366 Random Acts of Kindness

What with the economy, and the joblessness, and the general malaise, things can look pretty grim.

Until you hear about Ryan Garcia.

Garcia is a relatively average guy and new father from Chicago, Illinois, who thought of a particularly impressive New Year's resolution for 2012: 366 random acts of kindness (which is also the name of his blog).

Inspired by his infant daughter, he plans to do as many acts of kindness as there are days this year and document them all through his Twitter and blog. Shameless plug: Garcia will donate 10 cents to charity for every person who Likes or follows his Facebook page.

Recent acts include buying lunch for local firefighters, donating an old cell phone, playing Free Rice to earn grains of rice for the hungry, buying a tee-shirt to benefit Thirst Tees, donating his Nintendo Wii and all of its games to his church and collecting soda can tabs for Ronald McDonald House.

Helping others has been scientifically proven to increase a person's happiness, so we're all in favor of Garcia's mission. As you can see from his example, acts of kindness don't always have to involve money. If you are looking to donate, however, make sure you factor those funds into your budget.

Consider us heartwarmed.

Image Credit: 366 Random Acts of Kindness

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