What Do Your Co-Workers Really Think of Your Office?

What Do Your Co-Workers Really Think of Your Office?

How cool are your coworkers?

More importantly, how cool do they think you are? New site theFIT aims to let you know.

Through a series of multiple-choice questions designed to get at the truth of office culture at your company, it uses the answers of participating employees to paint a picture of life at the office.

But seeing as you're listed on the site as someone who has answered the questions, is it more dangerous to your career than fun?

Register, Answer, Learn

Before we answer that, a bit of explanation: The way theFIT works is that you register through your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, which imports your name, place of work and position. Then you start answering questions about office culture--everything from the length of your commute to which famous person you would most like to dine with. To preserve your relative anonymity (as we said, your name and picture shows up as someone who has answered, but not your actual answers), no results are shown until at least five people have answered the questions.

Mashable quotes CEO Art Papas, who started the company after being unprepared for the reality of a corporate environment. He says: “The employment industry is tricky because it’s hard for people to speak freely and not get in trouble but still get the information they need." On theFIT, your answers are only public if you choose it.

So: Dangerous?

In a word ... no. Questions on theFIT consciously avoid the real details--there's no space for your salary or list of adjectives to describe your boss. Instead, questions like "How would your boss react if you had to leave early?", "What kind of trip could you take with your bonus?" and "When is the last time you had a drink with a co-worker?" get at the culture without revealing actual details.

As always, though, we recommend caution when putting your information on the internet in any way that could affect you professionally. Here's a diagnostic question to figure out whether you should give it a shot:

"How would your boss react to you answering questions about your office on theFIT?"

  1. She would ask where she could sign up!
  2. She wouldn't care either way.
  3. She wouldn't be thrilled.
If the answer is C, the site probably isn't for you.

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