Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Budget (and Every Relationship)

Valentine's Day GiftsRemembering how he takes his coffee.

Getting her sweaters dry-cleaned, without being asked.

Making time to watch the newest "Modern Family" episode together on Hulu.

There are many ways to show your love—but going over-budget isn't one of them. Feeling guilty about money is a serious mood-killer, which is why we've put together a list of sweet, funny and thoughtful gifts that show you care ... without breaking the bank.

We've even organized them by who you most want to give to: We've got gifts for friends and family, and for new-ish or committed couples. In fact, these gifts and homemade treats are the perfect solution for every relationship situation. (Yes, even for you, Miss "It's Complicated").

Click on the first slide below to check out the full list. From chocolate chip cookie dough truffles to a new way to listen to music together, we guarantee there's something on our list you'll fall hard for.

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  • Raziel

    How about you just don’t buy anyone anything for Valentine’s Day and you save all your money! Or give them some $1 chocolate bar.

    • Shelleynbob

      that’s what we are doing. Having steak in and exchanging cards

  • Lj

    YYeah, I don’t see anything on this anyone I know would actually want.

  • JS

    I love these! Some of these are perfect for my new bf or good ideas to recycle for bdays or xmas :)