The Trick to Writing Emails That Actually Get Read

We send a lot of emails over the course of a workday.

Like, a lot.

And we're not alone. The average email user receives 147 messages each day and spends over 2.5 hours on her email.

How do we know? Baydin, the maker of email plugin Boomerang, used data from five million emails to describe today's accounts from A to Z.

They've included the patterns of the average user, the best time of day to send, and the words that make recipients more or less likely to actually answer your message (for once!).

And! It's in handy infographic form. (Originally published on Mashable.)

Be a Better Emailer

The full infographic is included below, but here are some of the highlights:

  • An email sent at 6 a.m. or during lunch has the best chance of getting read.
  • Three words that will make people read your email: demo, payment, cancellation.
  • Three words that will scare people away from your email: confirm, speaker, invite.

For the more information on how we manage our email, when we read it and which words should be avoided at all cost, check out the entire infographic below.


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