The Most Lucrative Major for Women

The Most Lucrative Major for Women

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the predictive qualities of college majors.

First there were the majors that gave you the highest chance of entering the 1%, then the majors shown to provide your best chance at steady work and high earnings, and now the newest, particularly resonant data: the college majors that put women on equal footing with men.

This is in terms of money only, measured by the gap in salary between men and women in the same fields.

The New York Times reports on the data, assembled by PayScale, and points out that the overall male/female wage gap still holds, at 81 cents for women to every dollar earned by a man. It turns out that among the college majors analyzed, women who enter the workforce with a bachelor's degree are subject to smaller salary gaps in certain majors.

In fact, information technology is the only college major where the gap is reversed: Women make 1% more than the men in the field. The largest gaps listed are in education, criminal justice and architecture, which show a 5% gap between the men and women in the field.

(See the entire chart of college majors here.)

More Education, More Unequal

The Times also demonstrated the wage gap that increases with level of education with the following chart:


As you can see, the largest gap in national median wages (as measured by PayScale) is among those with a doctor of medicine (M.D) degree, while the smallest is between those holding high school diplomas or associate degrees.

This isn't by any means an argument against getting a higher education. Instead, it's a reminder to stay aware of the going rates in your field and to make sure that you're being compensated fairly for your awesome work—even if it means asking for a raise (and we can help with that).

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