The Hottest Spring Fashion Trends (for Under $50)


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    • Anonymous

      um… is there a description of where to find these “finds?”

      • Anonymous

        Hi Anonymous, 

        Please click on the images below the text to see some options we’ve chosen! Thanks for reading!


    • I like to stick with simple clothes and use accessories for “fashion” — I’m sorry, but there’s just no way I want to buy and then have to donate an orange blouse (definitely not “me”!) — would rather use inexpensive scarves, hats, costume jewelry to make the look.

      Or ignore fashion.

    • KMA

      I don’t buy new clothing.  I can’t afford it.  I don’t shop for each season.  I go to the thrift store when I have a few extra dollars to spend on clothing and hope for the best.  This newsletter is more and more useless to me.

      • Good for you! I’ve done 99% of my shopping at my local thrift stores for almost 2 years and I built my wardrobe with garments I love. I find plenty of good quality pieces, it just takes focus!

    • PressTerp

      Thank you for showing affordable clothing! I’m so sick of reading magazines that assume we can afford to spend $500 on ONE outfit! You guys rock!

    • Ashleyleah

      Love the slideshow – thanks for the tips! 

    • Camille Gaines

      Great tips! There is no reason we can’t live with style and reach our financial goals!

    • “Our fashion philosophy: We believe in buying pieces that will last for more than just one season.” Unfortunately, Forever21 (as featured multiple times in the above slide show) is not a good choice for fashion that lasts more than one wash cycle.

      I would recommend avoiding fast fashion whenever possible. Think of fast fashion like fast food – consume only occasionally.

      • Thank goodness yours was the first comment as I thought I was out of my mind as I was scrolling through this list.  It seemed very NOT LearnVest to me…affordable yes, but seem like poor choices for lasting beyond the current season.  I guess “hottest” spring fashions mean they will burn up quickly?!?  I didn’t even notice how often Forever 21 appeared, just that the pieces would not work into a full time “working” (one that works on a daily basis) wardrobe very well at all…Thanks for your link to your website!  I’ve signed up for the blog!

    • KMA i am the same i always pick the op-shop/thrift store over the major stores. i always get random people stop me and compliment my clothes and ask where i got them. i find it more satisfying rumaging through the crap and finding a gem and the cost is pleasing to my wallet too!! not only that but it’s original, it’s different, it’s unique and i love saying “I got it from the thrift store’ and knowing they can’t run out and find the exact same dress!