The Hottest Spring Fashion Trends (for Under $50)

New York Fashion Week has been all over the news for the last week. And while we're excited to see the hottest trends for fall, all the fashion coverage has gotten us even more excited about spring trends we can start wearing now.

Our fashion philosophy: We believe in buying pieces that will last for more than just one season. During the fall, we showed you which fall and spring trends overlapped, so you could buy trends that had staying power and weren't so, well, trendy.

There are a number of styles for spring that we think have real staying power, so you won't be throwing out money on a passing fad. In fact, we're loving:

  • Pastels
  • Bright orange (also known as the Pantone 2012 color of the year, "tangerine tango")
  • Graphic floral prints
  • Neons
  • Polka dots
  • The striking combination of traffic-light yellow and black
  • Little white dresses
  • Everyday metallics
  • The funnily-named "mullet hem" (the front is shorter than the back, like the hairstyle ... )

Because being broke is never in style, we searched high and low for affordable ways to wear these styles.

Click on the first image below to see our selection; all of the items fall into one or two trend buckets, making them extra-great buys, and all for under $50. Then, check out our Priceless Style bootcamp, which will show you how you can be fashionable, while staying on budget.

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  • Anonymous

    um… is there a description of where to find these “finds?”

    • Anonymous

      Hi Anonymous, 

      Please click on the images below the text to see some options we’ve chosen! Thanks for reading!


  • I like to stick with simple clothes and use accessories for “fashion” — I’m sorry, but there’s just no way I want to buy and then have to donate an orange blouse (definitely not “me”!) — would rather use inexpensive scarves, hats, costume jewelry to make the look.

    Or ignore fashion.

  • KMA

    I don’t buy new clothing.  I can’t afford it.  I don’t shop for each season.  I go to the thrift store when I have a few extra dollars to spend on clothing and hope for the best.  This newsletter is more and more useless to me.

    • Good for you! I’ve done 99% of my shopping at my local thrift stores for almost 2 years and I built my wardrobe with garments I love. I find plenty of good quality pieces, it just takes focus!

  • PressTerp

    Thank you for showing affordable clothing! I’m so sick of reading magazines that assume we can afford to spend $500 on ONE outfit! You guys rock!

  • Ashleyleah

    Love the slideshow – thanks for the tips! 

  • Camille Gaines

    Great tips! There is no reason we can’t live with style and reach our financial goals!

  • “Our fashion philosophy: We believe in buying pieces that will last for more than just one season.” Unfortunately, Forever21 (as featured multiple times in the above slide show) is not a good choice for fashion that lasts more than one wash cycle.

    I would recommend avoiding fast fashion whenever possible. Think of fast fashion like fast food – consume only occasionally.

    • Thank goodness yours was the first comment as I thought I was out of my mind as I was scrolling through this list.  It seemed very NOT LearnVest to me…affordable yes, but seem like poor choices for lasting beyond the current season.  I guess “hottest” spring fashions mean they will burn up quickly?!?  I didn’t even notice how often Forever 21 appeared, just that the pieces would not work into a full time “working” (one that works on a daily basis) wardrobe very well at all…Thanks for your link to your website!  I’ve signed up for the blog!

  • KMA i am the same i always pick the op-shop/thrift store over the major stores. i always get random people stop me and compliment my clothes and ask where i got them. i find it more satisfying rumaging through the crap and finding a gem and the cost is pleasing to my wallet too!! not only that but it’s original, it’s different, it’s unique and i love saying “I got it from the thrift store’ and knowing they can’t run out and find the exact same dress!