Quiz: Which Disney Princess Is Your Financial Twin?

Whether you think they represent an antiquated notion of femininity or you love their sparkly dresses, the Disney Princesses were a big part of our childhoods.

Which was your favorite? Was it Ariel, with her bright red hair and catchy songs? Or Belle, who got to inhabit a library we could only dream of? How about Cinderella, who makes us look kindly on rats in the subway as we imagine them hemming our skirts? (Go ahead and leave your favorites in the comments, but we warn you: We'll make a strong case for Mulan.)

Because thinking about money doesn't always have to revolve around 401(k)s and paying your taxes, we've stretched our imagination and thought about it: How do the princesses behave in regards to money?

Funnily enough, each of them has a clear style. Now we ask you ... whose financial attitude do you share?

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    Image Credit: Walt Disney, via About.com

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    • Mishy7 87

      Mulan is the best Disney princess! :D

    • Guest

      Is there a link wheer I can see who the other princesses are? :) This is awesome, gonna get my sisters to take the quiz

    • Vap

      Apparently my student loan debt makes me like loser Cinderella. That’s nice.

    • Leah VanZandt

      Great. I’m a doormat like Cinderella. >_> Tell me something I didn’t know.