Quiz: What’s Your Money Demon?

A short while back, we wrote about financial demons.

They’re the creepy crawlies that hide out in the depths of our minds (and, occasionally, under our beds in the form of empty shopping bags). They hurt your credit score and prevent you from achieving your lofty financial goals.

Although we can sometimes shelve them temporarily, they have the tendency to come out every time we’re at the register, facing down another bill payment, comparing ourselves to others and more.

LearnVest is here to help you vanquish those demons, whether that means working on improving your credit score, changing the way you relate to money-toxic friends or learning to subdue your own “money comparisonitis.” (Here are some ways to do that.)

But while it’s one thing to talk about vanquishing demons, it’s another to admit to ourselves that we have demons in the first place, and which ones. Take this quiz to identify which demon is the worst for you—unless it turns out you don’t have any!

Here are the demons we’re measuring for:

  • Shopping Demons
  • Debt Demons
  • “Friends and Family” Demons
  • Credit Score Demons
  • Competitive Demons

For a full explanation of each and how to deal with them, read through our guide for quashing those demons.

Find out which demons have got you the most by the throat:

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    • ArielleNH

      Tell the programmer who worked on the quiz to check the code pertaining to the ‘true’ button.

      • Yes I was just about to make a comment about the same thing, every True/False question only showed a False response.