Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of the Academy Awards

Last evening, 38% of people watching television were tuned into the Academy Awards, Hollywood's biggest night of celebration. From the stars' fashion choices on the red carpet to host Billy Crystal's so-so jokes, the award ceremony garnered more than 4.6 million mentions on various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The Academy Awards has a real economic impact: The show itself creates a significant number of employment opportunities in the local Los Angeles area, but it doesn't end there. After the awards are over, clothing stores cash in, selling Oscar dress-inspired fashions; magazines sell millions of copies dissecting celebrity's sartorial decisions; and winning films make serious bank both in theaters and in DVD sales.

We put together some of the most surprising numbers related to the Academy Awards in a fun quiz: Test your knowledge, and then check out some of LearnVest's most interesting celebrity and entertainment articles.

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