Who Cares About Money? Not Daters, According to New Survey

Who Cares About Money? Not Daters, According to New Survey

What is your "deal breaker" in a relationship?

Is it proximity? Politics? Money?

The last of those, and the one nearest to our hearts, is less common than you might think.

In the second annual "Singles in America" survey from Match.com, which surveyed over 5,000 adults in the United States, found that deal breakers are changing—including how we view a partner's finances.

If Not Money, Then What?

We've all heard the financial deal breaker in different ways: "He didn't pay," "She makes more than I do," "She isn't even looking for a job," "He can only afford his apartment if he has four roommates."

But the Match survey revealed that only 36% of women and 13% of men feel that they "must have" someone who makes as much money as they do. And 44% percent of whites (along with 34% of Latinos and Asians and 31% of blacks) wouldn't consider a significant other's unemployment a deal breaker.

In fact, none of the top deal breakers were financial at all. The top five, in descending order, were:

  1. Disheveled or unclean appearance (67%)
  2. Being lazy (66%)
  3. Being too needy (63%)
  4. Lacking a sense of humor (54%)
  5. Distance: living more than three hours apart (49%)

Despite the ambiguity of laziness, neediness and sense of humor, at least none of them are, "Didn't offer to pay for a date!"

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