New Program Will Speed You Through Airport Security

New Program Will Speed You Through Airport Security

Three ounces of hair gel have never filled us with such joy.

Here's why: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is expanding PreCheck, a new national program where registered travelers will be spared some of the indignities of airport security, to 35 high-traffic airports across the country.

Dying to sign up already? There are a handful of rules, regulations and restrictions to consider before joining the program—after all, it's still airport security.

How It Works

The program is meant to streamline the airport security process for frequent and trustworthy travelers on Delta and American Airlines. How will they know if you're trustworthy? You submit your information, including gender and date of birth, to the TSA ahead of time so you're pre-screened by the time you hit the metal detectors. Once there, you join in an express line, which ABC News calls "an E-ZPass lane for fliers."

Travelers in the express lane may not have to remove their shoes, outerwear or belt and can keep their laptop and their "3-1-1 compliant" bags in their suitcases (that's three ounces of liquid or gel that can stay packaged—hooray!).

Who Can Join

The program is only open to American citizens, and you must register to join. There are two main categories of people who qualify: frequent fliers with either of the two participating airlines and those registered with a Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program. (Don't worry—we had never heard of this either, but you can apply through the links on the TSA website.) Members of frequent flier programs should be contacted by their airlines to offer admission to the PreCheck program, but if not, they can apply for a CBP Trusted Traveler Program instead.

For a full list of airports using PreCheck and the dates when it will be implemented, see the TSA website.

See you on the other side (of the checkpoint!)

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