High Heels Are Hurting More Than You Know

Are you team heels or team flats?

No matter where your personal loyalties lie, the dress codes at some workplaces require women to don extra inches as a matter of looking "professional."

We even have a friend in law school in the South who was told after a mock trial competition that if she wanted to keep winning, she needed to wear heels, because "the judges like that."

There's no use in bristling over the implications of such a statement or even defending heels with our usual "but they look so good." Instead, let's go with the facts, as gathered by LiveScience into a neat infographic, which we've republished below:

Unfortunately, high heels can cause lasting damage to your feet, legs, hips and even your back. But when the dress code (or anachronistic judges) request them, what's a girl to do?

There's always the tried-and-true walking to the office in flats to minimize time in the heels, as well as choosing lower, thicker heels that give us more balance with less contortion. But mostly, it's a matter of doing damage control when possible: sitting correctly at our desks, keeping our body strong with fun workouts and fending off work exhaustion.

After all, we need to be in ship-shape for these shoes.

Infographic: LiveScience

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  • Rachel

    Why not explain to your supervisor or whoever is asking you to wear heels that it kills your feet (perhaps using this info graphic) and wear formal-looking flats?

  • Kcorcoran

    You’re continuing the stereotype of high heels = successful dressing!  In your Essential 15, you pair high heels and high heel SANDALS with your outfits.  This is like forcing women to wear corsets, and later girdles in the 50s!  Push the envelope, guys. Make it a world of Options!  You start, the rest will follow.

  • Paula

    It’s time for women to think for themselves and stop following the herd mentality!  High heels  
    make  us vulnerable in every possible way ( try running in heels), perpetuate women as sexual objects, and damage feet and joints.

  • Chelle

    Glad to be one of those women who wear high heels only in very special occasions. Stop letting the media brainwash you, ladies!