Biel to Charge Timberlake Half Mil If He Cheats

Libby Kane

Who would have thought that Jessica Biel had it in her?

The actress, recently engaged to marry singer/actor/jack of all trades Justin Timberlake, is rumored to be requesting a particularly stringent prenuptial agreement.

Among the requests is a guarantee that Timberlake will be faithful … or pay $500,000.

It’s a steep price to pay, but the reasoning surrounding the speculation is perhaps more worrisome: An “insider” says to Radar Online that the reason for the high price of infidelity is that Biel doesn’t trust that her husband-to-be can hold it together through more than a few years, including through a potential pregnancy.

Those pesky insiders.

Of course, it’s all speculation, and we’re pulling for a happy, trusting marriage between Mary and JT. (What, you didn’t watch Seventh Heaven?)

Just in case the idea of a prenup fills you with dread, remember that the agreement doesn’t necessarily bode poorly for a marriage. In fact, we’ve put together a list of myths surrounding prenups, as well as a breakdown of the pre-prenup: the cohabitation agreement.

Image Credit: Stiri de Cluj

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