An Expert Picks: 10 Wines Under $11 Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day WineWhether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a partner or your closest friends, there's a pretty good chance it will involve at least a glass or two of wine.

(And, since V-Day will fall on a Tuesday, vino is a lot more suitable than, say, tequila shots before your karaoke rendition of "Single Ladies.")

Of course, we aren't here to tell you to spend money, but we are here to help you save on things you intend to buy anyway.

To find cheap wines that taste expensive, we talked to Leslie Sbrocco, wine connoisseur, Emmy award-winning television host and founder of Thirsty Girl, a community of women who love eating, drinking and traveling well.

If you'd rather buy wine in person than order online, Sbrocco recommends Costco, which actually has a wide selection of wine at great prices. And to buy at a discount, she suggests buying wines you like by the case—most stores will give a discount of up to 10% if you do.

Here are more ways to save money on wine, whatever your taste.

To see Sbrocco's picks for the perfect whites, reds and sparkling wines for your Valentine's Day celebration—all under $11, and some as low as $6 a bottle—click on the first image below.

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  • Guest

    It would be great if you could provide these in an easy, printable shopping list!

    • Savage_tl


  • Anonymous

    Oooh, the New Age white is a great choice! It’s popular in some circles (for real, that’s not just code for me and my friends) served over ice with a lime wedge. :)

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised Little Black Dress Cabernet is not on this list.  It’s my all-time favorite keep-on-hand really good inexpensive red.

    • Nmzyry

      Little Black Dress merlot is very good too!

  • Guest

    A friend and I are both having some issues seeing the slideshow – no descriptions and only one picture with all the wines. Anyone else??

    • Savage_tl

      YES!!! Please repost pics or list!

  • I’d like to know where you can find a full bottle of Banfi’s Rosa Regale for only $6! It’s usually about $20 a bottle. Amazing and worth the price but … more then $6.

  • Sjdemo

    for red drinkers, a good inexpensive (and fun named) wine is pinot evil. and it comes in an octagon-shaped box for around $20 for those who prefer mass quantity.