7 Community Classes to Save Money and Develop Your Career

7 Community Classes to Save Money and Develop Your Career

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Even if you're done with your school days, enrolling in a community college class can be a great resource to learn a new skill or develop yourself professionally. Plus, they are usually relatively cheap and can be a great way to meet like-minded people. Check out this list of seven classes that are a great way to spend your after-work time.

Auto Repair

If your local community college class offers a basic auto maintenance class, it can be a fun and interesting way to learn more about the workings of your car so you can fix the little stuff and show your negotiating power at the mechanics.

Accounting Basics

Enrolling in a low-level accounting class at the community college is a great way to take hold of your personal finances.

Drama Class

Many people are afraid of public speaking, but overcoming the fear doesn't have to be boring. Get your adrenaline rush and let loose in an introductory drama class at your local college.

Small Business Classes

If you're thinking of freelancing or starting a business, many community colleges have introductory classes where you can dip your feet into the ocean of entrepreneurship. Try a class on developing a business plan or one for understanding taxes and record keeping.

Sewing Class

Knowing how to hem or fix a button is a mainstay Savvy trick. You'll save money from going to the tailor or dry cleaner for simple repairs, and may get your inner fashion designer to come out.

Upholstery Class

Let's say you find the perfect flea-market armchair, but in a completely garish fabric. Taking it to the upholsterer's will have you dropping hundreds of dollars, so check to see if your community college offers an upholstery class—you'll learn a new skill while saving considerable amounts of money.

Website Design

Marketing yourself online is an important step in professional development. Keep any business-related websites looking neat and professional with a few skills you pick up from a website design class.

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