3 Tips to Create the Perfect Room for Your Child

3 Tips to Create the Perfect Room for Your Child

According to one interior designer, decorating rooms for children is "really just giving them a canvas."

In a piece in The Wall Street Journal, designer Rita Konig points out that the kid versions of the artwork and accent pieces we use to finish our rooms as adults are toys, artwork and paraphernalia from their activities.

Which explains why it's so difficult to have a child keep a tidy room: his version of neat and ours are worlds apart. To him, the clutter means more than colored plastic.

That's pretty cool, because there's no need to buy "accents" when the Legos are accent enough.

In the past, we explored affordable room accessories that will grow with your child (check them out here), and ever since, we've been fascinated by the idea of how to create a comfortable, suitable room for our Little LearnVesters that won't require a whole new (expensive!) makeover every other year.

Here is what Konig has to say:

Consider Your Colors

Konig is against frilly, cutesy design schemes like fairies or teddy bears. Instead, she focuses on vibrant colors and patterns to imbue rooms with energy and fun. She recommends less obviously childish color schemes such as gray and yellow, which she charmingly describes as "a little Babar."

Patterns Don't Have to Be Cutesy

"To appeal to these young clients, I find myself using color and small prints rather than fussy princess fabrics or toy-car patterns. Small prints are ideal for children's rooms because they are less sophisticated than larger prints without being childish."

There's No Need for Mini Furniture

Konig admits that child-sized pieces are adorable and sometimes irresistible, but prefers vintage beds from eBay and prioritizes storage (presumably, for those Legos not serving as accents). She also recommends big box stores such as IKEA, which provide pieces that can be painted over at will.

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