Women Buy More Tech Gadgets Than Men

Women Buy More Tech Gadgets Than Men

Everyone knows that women like makeup and men like gadgets.

Just ask any gift guide for him or for her—technology is exclusively the realm of guys, unless, of course, it's pink.

If that's indeed the case, then how do we incorporate the news that women buy more tech than men?

The Latest In Gender Gaps

A Parks Associates survey of 2,000 consumers in 2011 found that women are not only just as interested in gadgets as their male counterparts, but that they planned on buying more tablets, laptops and smartphones during the 2011 holiday season. Out of the four top categories of consumer tech, men's interest only surpassed women's in flat screen LCD TVs.

The same research also found that gadgets owned by women are more heavily used over their lifetimes.  Women are more active in digital media, which includes downloading and streaming movies and TV shows, downloading and streaming music, and uploading pictures, so the heavy use of their technology makes sense.

The actual difference in purchases isn't too dramatic. In 2010, 88% of women purchased tech products as compared to 83% percent of men. But dramatic or not, it's clear that women make up the bulk of consumers buying not only stilettos and eyelash curlers (that well-known economic indicator) but traditionally male-favored products as well. So marketers, seize the opportunity. Money doesn't have a gender.

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