The Best Kid Décor Items That’ll Last From Toddler to Teen

Your child’s room is perfect—for now.

But with kids, perfect is only a brief interlude between brand new and outgrown. And nothing is less cost-efficient than re-buying the basics.

In some cases, it can’t be avoided (see: new clothes, school supplies), but a little planning can go a long way when it comes to their bedrooms.

As tempting as pink bunny wallpaper or little dinosaur-shaped chairs may be in the moment, items of particularly childish shape or color are subject to childish whims (as well as growth spurts)—and it isn't cheap or easy to upgrade a race car bed.

A carefully planned room of basics, on the other hand, will meet your child's needs over many years, and leave you free to personalize their space in other, less expensive ways.

Your Kid Can't Have Everything

Awesome kid things are around every corner, but sometimes, you have to hold back. Which items did you skip for your child? Compare them in LV Discussions. (One mom nixed the wipe warmer!)


And that will save you not only money, but time.

In fact, we’ve gathered ten bedroom essentials that will grow with your child, all the way from baby to adolescent. These items all do their part to make your child's room fun, comfortable ... even organized. They’re also especially useful for rooms shared by children of different ages with different needs.

This time, perfect is for keeps.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s so funny! We just bought the ottoman storage and the shoe organizer! Loved the slideshow.

  • Christy

    A lot of my family and friends thought I was crazy when I bought the more expensive convertible crib for my daughter, but it was the best purchase ever. Sure, you pay more up front, but when she was ready for a toddler bed, we just removed the front and attached the rail. It was a very easy transition for her and we aren’t out shopping for a new piece of furniture like most of the folks with kids this age. She is actually almost ready for the full bed, so at that point we will just purchase a mattress. And, the great thing about these lines of baby furniture is that they are designed to grow with the kid, so the styling is very classic and not childish. Her dresser was topped with a changing table, which was removable so it will stay put as well doing double duty. I am sure with wear and tear we will have to replace these items at some point, but I am sure we will make them last long enough to be well worth the upfront cost.