Keeping Your Last Name? It May Cause Trouble at the Bank

Libby Kane

Think that in 2012, it’s no problem to keep your last name upon marriage? Think again.

If you keep your last name, the bank may not allow you to cash gift checks from your wedding.

At least that’s what one unfortunate bride in Albany, N.Y. found out.

ABC News reports that when she brought checks given as gifts to “Mr. and Mrs. Peter Iorizzo” to her local Bank of America, the branch refused to cash them because her driver’s license still showed her maiden name.

According to one employee, “Mrs. Peter Iorizzo” didn’t exist. The bank still refused to deposit the money after two days of phone calls and even after the couple offered to give the bank a copy of their marriage license.

This isn’t the first time a maiden name has caused trouble—a study showed that women who keep their maiden names upon marriage are judged as less caring and emotional. (Read more about the effects of keeping your maiden name.)

But we prefer the other findings of the study: Women who kept their maiden names were also judged as more intelligent and capable, which makes perfect sense once you consider how the not-Mrs. Iorizzo solved her problem: She went to another branch, where a teller deposited the checks with a congratulations.

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  • Michelle

    Wow very interesting.

  • Goats_udder

    This happened to me! After my wedding we had to have several forms of ID just to deposit because some people put my husbands last name and my first name, etc… What a pain! Good article!

  • Sam

    I think that this is more of an issue of people addressing you the wrong way…After all, even if she had decided to change her name, she would have had to wait until she got her new drivers license to deposit the check anyway.

  • Lauren

    I use chase bank. This was absolutely not an issue. Even if brides are planning on changing their name, they name change may not be done by the time they are cashing wedding gifts.

  • Allison

    I got married recently and have decided to keep my name. We have a joint account with Daniel HisName and Allison MyName so I’m hoping I won’t have problems. We’ll see!