7 Adorable, Affordable Party Favors for Kids

When the candles have been blown out, the hats have been discarded and the prizes have been won, you still have another trick in the Best Party Ever arsenal: the favors.

Favors aren't just something to be lost under the car seat on the way home or thrown away by particularly organized parents. If they're done right, favors can be a treasured memory of a fun time or a cool activity to continue the fun at home.

That doesn't mean every kid needs to leave with a personalized caricature and a board game. There are plenty of unique, fun favors to be had for $16 or less for a party of ten.

Check out our favorites by clicking the image below to start the slide show.

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  • Marie

    Search TickleMe Plant Party favor. In it you can grow an amazing pet -like plant that suddenly closes its leaves and lowers its branches when Tickled.
    Kids love it!

  • Marie

    I found a link to get the TickleMe Plant Party Favors and book here