10 Healthy Meals Kids Will Flip For—Under $10!

10 Healthy Meals Kids Will Flip For—Under $10!In our minds, spinach, avocado, butternut squash and carrot are all ingredients that have the potential to be part of a tasty dish.

Our kids, however, feel differently.

We've heard enough "Ewww, it's green!" to know that we need a strategy if we hope to introduce them to something new and healthy ... without wasting money trying out tons of different things in the process.

Through trial and error, we've found that the easiest way to introduce new foods to our kids while watching our budgets is to make easy, simple dishes with healthy ingredients. Here are some of our favorite go-tos that don’t cost a lot, and that kids always seem to love.

If you're feeling brazen, you might try introducing other new foods in these recipes as well, like adding leeks to the risotto, or mushrooms to the tomato sauce.

All of these recipes ring up at or under $10, too, as long as you have certain pantry staples like salt and pepper, olive oil and garlic. Click on the first slide to get started.

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  • KCT

    where is the half n half in the ingredient list?

  • Anonymous

    Hi KCT! Thanks so much for commenting. We actually decided to take the half-n-half out of the recipe to make it a touch healthier (we’ve updated the recipe online now). However, if you’d like a bit of a fluffier version, feel free to add a splash when you try it!

  • guest

    This isn’t a meal. This is a side dish. This would not be a “healthy meal” served on its own. 

  • I want to thanks for the time you’ve contributed in composing this article.