Who Knew? The Holidays Are the Prime Time to Find a Job

Who Knew? The Holidays Are the Prime Time to Find a Job

Common wisdom says that the holidays are a great time for a job-hunting break, since potential employers are otherwise occupied with dreams of sugarplums.

But experts say otherwise.

The holiday season, that stretch between Thanksgiving and New Year's, is actually one of the best times all year to get a job for three reasons:

  1. Competition for positions is at an all-year low because so many job-seekers are taking a break.
  2. Companies are looking to staff new projects that begin in January.
  3. Businesses whose budgets follow a "use it or lose it" rule are using up their recruitment budgets to make sure they get the money next year. "We've had facilities [such as hospitals] call us and say, 'We have $100,000 to spend for recruitment and if we don't use it this year, we don't get it next year,'" Sean Milius, CEO of Management Recruiters of Colorado, a health-care focused affiliate of MRINetwork, told The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal points out that the holidays are a key time for informal networking. For what is a holiday party full of people you barely know but a prime networking opportunity? Whether or not you're actively hunting for a job, now more than ever is the time to exercise your name-remembering, business card-requesting and email-following up skills.

So smile, give out your best handshake and work that net.

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