Read Every Issue of Vogue Online ... for $1,600

Read Every Issue of Vogue Online ... for $1,600

We love fashion.

But not $1,600 worth.

Vogue Magazine is offering its full online archives—that's 120 years—for a subscription fee of $1,575 per year.

The magazine is the indisputable leader of the fashion world, defining and documenting iconic fashion trends under the perfectly manicured thumb of Editor in Chief Anna Wintour, a celebrity in her own right. And while Vogue is arguably an unparalleled influence on societal trends and influences, paying almost $1,600 is a little much for the privilege of looking at back issues of the magazine.

Styleite points out that certain groups will have access to limited versions of the archive without ponying up the cash, including libraries and students who subscribe to Proquest, an online research tool, and readers who subscribe to the magazine (although they won't have access until 2012).

We Just Can't Help Ourselves

A few quick calculations shows that at its cheapest price, which requires a three-year commitment for $40, a subscription to Vogue costs $1.11 (repeating) per issue. Based on that rate, 120 years of Vogue (1,440 issues) would cost $1,600, which is $25 more than we're asked to pay for access to the archives. So for a devoted Vogue reader, the offer is ... a deal?

But this is of course not taking into account inflation, or changes in prices.

Or that it's ridiculous.

Image: Vogue

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