Priceless Moments: What Money Can't Buy

Priceless Moments: What Money Can't Buy

If you’ve been following our Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays, you know the holidays are in our crosshairs.

By following our guides, you’ve saved time and money. Now that the work is over, the fun can start. It's time to kick back, enjoy and remember what all that effort was for—happy holidays filled with fun, family and bliss.

You're a mom, so we don't need to tell you that there is no end to the priceless moments you'll have with your children.

From the second they're born, kids provide us with every emotion imaginable. Elation. Frustration. Confusion. Pride. And lots of others we can't remember because we're just plain too tired.

Before the holiday season concludes we thought it would be nice to pay ode to all those often quick, but never forgotten, moments we've had with our kids this past year.

In other words—the moments that no money in the world could buy.

What Was Your Favorite Memory of 2011?

Was it a smile? An inside joke only you and your child know? What precious memories do you have of your kid from 2011?

We threw the question out to you, our readers: "What's the best moment you've had with your child that money couldn't buy?" Here's what you had to say.

"The excitement surrounding Santa. Five-year-olds are true believers." — Jodi Young Warren

"The sweet voice of my children calling out to me 'Mom!' Priceless. — Melinda Ignacio-Holden

"Seeing my children smiling!" — Dave and Kelley Worley

"My daughter telling me that I cook so well (after making a lasagna with no boil noodles and jar sauce) that I should open a restaurant." — Ainslie Simmonds

"Time in the day." — Rachel S. Z. Alley

"Watching my daughter receive her Girl Scout Gold Award!" — Cindy Pietsch Smith

"A shower." —Shelly Mapother-Carelli

"Time with family. Love." — Wendy McNiff

"Baby smiles and bonding." — Cassandra Tenny

"The way my daughter makes her 99-year-old great-grandfather smile when nothing else can." — Toni Larina

"My son looking across the table one morning and saying, 'You know Mom, you are really beautiful.'" — Ainslie Simmonds

"An infant's firm grasp of your finger." — Lisa Ulm

"When you see your kids—unprompted—do something nice and thoughtful for someone else." —Jodi Young Warren

"When you hear your words coming from your child's mouth when they are teaching their own children." —Marcella Towns

"When they look at you like you're the only person in the world." — Cathy Kinney Larkin

"Belly laughs and the dimples in their fingers and elbows." — Michelle Calvino Tuttle

"When she struts along in my 7-inch heels and her dad's hat yelling, 'Look, I'm pretty!'" — Toni Larina

"The look on their face when they've accomplished something meaningful and felt proud of themselves." — Jodi Young Warren

"When I got a report card that said, 'I believe your daughter will change the world.'" —Ainslie Simmonds

Tell us—what moments have you had with your child this year that money could never buy?

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