Pregnant Bellies: Chinese Women Buying Fakes in Droves

Pregnant Bellies: Chinese Women Buying Fakes in Droves

There's plenty you could buy with $250, right?

Furniture. Clothes. Tickets for travel. A fake baby bump.

Yeah ... we did a double-take on that last one, too. Turns out that in China, fake silicone rubber baby bumps sold online have actually become all the rage, according to Ecns, the English-language website of China News Service.

In fact, women are forking over anywhere from $80 to $250 to score one. The bumps come in multiple sizes, with middle-sized (which simulate a woman who is five to seven months pregnant) being the most popular.

According to the site, an online shop owner who sells the goods said that most consumers are using the bellies as stage props, but that some actually just want to experience pregnancy or think they're cute.

What do you think about this trend?

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