Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $135 Million, but We Can Beat Those Odds

Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $135 Million, but We Can Beat Those Odds

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot is at $135 million, and our office is buzzing.

Not because of the money waiting to be claimed, however.

We're buzzing in indignation.

The simple fact is that the lottery basically never pays off.

With one ticket, you have a 1 in 175,711,536 chance of winning the jackpot. If each chance represents one person, it's basically you against more than half the population of the United States.

LearnVest is offering you a much better deal. (73,091 times better.)

LearnVest's Sweepstakes: Better Than Mega Millions

Sure, the LearnVest "jackpot" is not as high as $135 million (it's $2,500)—but your odds of winning are so much higher, and the entry fee is $0.

Let's break down the numbers: A Mega Millions ticket costs $1. But no one buys one chance. For people who buy a ticket on their lunch break every workday, they waste $260 per year. For those trying their chances only once a week this year, goodbye, $52.

And we really mean it: You're literally kissing that money goodbye.

On the other hand, our offer to give a reader $2,500 toward her financial health—whether that goes toward paying down her debt, bolstering her emergency fund or pumping up her retirement account—has much better odds. (Wait, have you not heard of this?!).

As of this writing, the odds of winning our own little jackpot are one in 2,404. And isn't financial health more valuable than drowning in taxes, legal fees and support groups for your post-lottery malaise? (The answer is yes, thank you very much.)

To Recap

  • Chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 175,711,536.
  • Chances of winning Learnvest's $2,500 sweepstakes are 1 in 2,404.

Plus, entries are free. So risk it.

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