Man Finds $2,500 in House Walls, Gives It Back

Man Finds $2,500 in House Walls, Gives It Back

Buying a car sometimes comes with a cash back promotion, but a house?

According to WHDH 7 News in Boston, a dentist in nearby Reading bought the house next to his practice so he could expand it and hired a demolition crew to tear the old house down. One day he took a break from seeing patients and watched a worker tear down a wall. "The next thing I know, I saw a flutter of money," he said.

After an hour and a half of painstakingly picking the $50 and $100 bills out from between the plaster and the boards, the total came to $2,500.

So what did he do with the windfall? First he gave a couple hundred to the two crew members who found it, and then he set out to track down the rightful owners. "There was no question in my mind that it wasn't my money," he said.

When he got in touch with the two sisters who sold him the house, they were shocked by his honesty, and extremely grateful.

Apparently, the sisters had made a habit of hiding money in odd places. "We went through the house pretty good, and we thought we had found it all," one of the them said.

Walling Off Your Money

Just for the record, we recommend putting your money in the bank, not in your walls.

Beside the obvious fact that you could leave it behind when you move—like these two ladies did—you're actually losing money if you let it sit in cash because of inflation. However, if you invest that money, you'll watch it grow! Find out more about how inflation shrinks the value of money and learn better alternatives than the mattress (or wall) here.

Get Your Own $2,500

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