It's the Little Things: How We Find Happiness, for Free

It's the Little Things: How We Find Happiness, for Free

If you’ve been following our Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays, you know the holidays are in our crosshairs.

By following our guides, you’ve saved time and money. Now the work is over, and it's time to kick back, enjoy and remember what all that work was for—happy holidays filled with fun, family and bliss.

Forget snowdrifts: Sometimes the holidays can get buried in the pursuit of perfection.

We get so focused on finding the perfect gift or making our homes perfect replicas of the North Pole, that we forget to celebrate the little moments.

The ones in between the shopping and buying and wrapping and cooking that make this time of year one we look forward to for months.

This year we're not letting them go by without noticing. So we a made a different sort of holiday list: One that captures all the times we find joy this season ...  for absolutely free.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The first few snowflakes of the first snowfall.

Taking more than your share of salmon puffs at the office cocktail party.

Setting the "out of office" message before you leave for the holidays.

Watching families greet each other at the airport.

Seeing the neighbors go for broke with their Christmas lights.

The taste of hot chocolate ... with peppermint Schnapps.

A long overdue catchup session with your college roommate.

Ugly Christmas sweaters.

The smell of evergreens as you walk by trees for sale.

Streetlights wrapped in twinkling lights.

Seeing everyone you love in the same room.

Choosing who gets to lick the spoon.

Tying a perfect bow!

Finding the perfect gift.

Chinese food and a movie on Christmas Eve.

Realizing your mittens are warm enough while playing in the snow.

Passing off a store-wrapped present as your own handiwork.

Donning sequins and not worrying that it's "too much."

Having someone to kiss as the clock strikes twelve.

A genuine compliment on that New Year's Eve dress you got for half off.

Making a resolution—and meaning it.

Those are our favorite free moments--now share yours below.

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