How Many Hours Did Your Gifts Cost You?

How Many Hours Did Your Gifts Cost You?

Will you spend all of the money you earned this week on holiday presents?

Smart Money’s Brett Arends makes the good point that there’s a disconnect between us and our dollars around the holidays.

Many of us neglect to translate our expenses into a more tangible form (like hours worked) before handing over large amounts of cash.

And on Black Friday 2011, we handed over $52 billion—that’s about $400 per person of possibly thoughtless spending.

By his calculations, that’s around three full workdays each.

How Much Are You Working to Pay for Your Gifts?

Regardless of what the average American is working to give gifts, how many hours are you personally logging to fund your holiday giving? We have some tools to help you figure that out.

The Sweat Equity Calculator

Punch in a few numbers and figure out exactly how many hours of work your spending habits are costing you.  CALCULATE

The Holiday Budget Calculator

If you want to know the optimal amount for you to be spending on holiday gifts for your personal financial situation, use this tool.  CALCULATE

Find useful tools like the Sweat Equity Calculator in our free Take Control Bootcamp, which will put you in control of your finances in only ten days.

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