Holiday Gifts That Give Back

Not everyone appreciates a donation made in their name as much as the next. While it does make us feel good, it takes away that lovely moment of untying the ribbon to see what's inside the box.

So why not consider items that support a community in need or donate proceeds to a good cause? We love gifts, we love giving back, and when the two collide, the result is a shower of stylish, fun and charming items that spread the holiday cheer all the way across the world.

The best part of gifts with a charitable and conscious element is that as this trend has grown, we've been able to branch out from basic beaded bracelets to objects that anyone would covet—from your mother to your husband.

We've rounded up some of our favorite gifts and stores that give back for a variety of price points. Poke around. We guarantee you'll find something you, your friend and your family members will love.

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  • Jean

    this is a stupid website and im never going on it again

  • Taylordomala

    I know that there are people less fortunate than us, but is that our fault? We did not choose for tragedies to happen, but they do. There are people dying, or with serious illnesses, but just because we don’t do anything about it, that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We all have our own problems and dramas in our lives, and have a never-ending list of things to do. Some of us have kids to care for, lives to life, and we have to help the ones close to us first.                   

    There is an old saying I have heard of; Charity begins at home. And I agree with that.
    Plus, some of these gifts are a bit expensive; not all of us have money to fritter away. So could you at least be a bit more realistic with the prices.