From Stain Sticks to Lip Balm: How Online Drugstores Can Save You Money

From Stain Sticks to Lip Balm: How Online Drugstores Can Save You Money

Few things are more exciting than getting a package.

And when its arrival means you can cross an errand off your list? It’s practically magical.

Enter the online drugstore, which purports to save you time and money when tracking down your everyday necessities.

A big selling point of these stores is automated shopping, where the site allows you to create a shopping list—or select individual products—and have everything shipped to you at your chosen interval. The service takes two things off our plate: going to the drugstore, and remembering what we needed there.

So, online shopping can certainly help us save time, but what about money? We compared five of the big players side-by-side to figure out which site does what and how shopping there could help your bottom line.

Site The Gist Standard Shipping Prices
(Examples below)
How It Will Save You Money
Tide To Go Stain Remover Pen Original Chapstick, 3-Pack
Alice Alice carries all of the traditional drugstore products ... organized handily by room. Free with minimum purchase of 6 items $2.89 $3.89 The budgeting section shows you your monthly spending in a chart and compares what you spend to families like yours.
Amazon Not just for books and electronics anymore, Amazon also has all of your household needs covered. Calculated by base price $4.99 +.59 cents per pound; free over $25 with eligible items $4.79 $4.09 The Subscribe & Save program lets you set up automatic shipping at intervals you choose—and offers up to 15% off on prices.
Drugstore It's partnered with, which makes it an especially great resource for cosmetics. $6, free over $25 Pack of 3, $8.99 (which works out to approximately $3 per pen) $3.99 The Drugstore Dollars program gives you 5% back with nearly every order.
Soap Provides a startling variety of drugstore and grocery products. One editor even turned to Soap when she couldn't find what she needed in person! $5, free over $39 Pack of 3, $8.03 (which works out to approximately $2.68 per pen) $6 The My 5 Faves feature lets you choose five favorite products (changeable every 90 days) and applies a 10% discount  every time they’re ordered.
Hoseanna Geared specifically toward women, it promises to auto-ship everything you need "conveniently and discreetly" at two- or three-month intervals. $5,  free over $30 $3.49 Single only, $1.39 Each user gets a unique referral link, and gets $1 to use on the site each time a friend uses that link to join.

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