6 Tricks to Save on Winter Spending

6 Tricks to Save on Winter Spending

Winter comes with new expenses, but Savvy Sugar has six smart tips to keep your spending in line.

Winter can be an expensive season with all the gift giving, and your bank account may look worse for wear during this time. Don't worry, there are plenty of smart strategies you can take to lower your winter bills. Here are some money-saving tricks to keep in mind this cold season:

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Save energy and money by programming the thermostat to control the heating and cooling when you're away from home or asleep. And these don't have to be expensive investments—there are programmable thermostats available for about $35.

Insulate Your Home

Figure out if your home can improve on insulation by conducting an inspection. The US Department of Energy website has good tips on DIY home inspections. Save energy and money by installing what works best for your house, from installing windows and doors that fit better to plugging and caulking cracks and holes. Be sure to do your research online first, before attempting to make these changes on your own.

Consider a Space Heater

Using a space heater instead of central heating can save you money. If you only need to heat up one or two rooms, you'll save more money and energy using a space heater than central heating.

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