10 Big-Time Philanthropists—Who Just Happen to Be Kids

Learn From The Best: Our Favorite Kids Who Give It was Henry David Thoreau who said, "Goodness is the only investment that never fails."

While we couldn't agree more, we tend to "forget" this sentiment when busy teaching our kids how not to spend their entire allowance on Pillow Pets.

But do we have stories that will change your little spenders' ways in a hurry.

These ten kids are doing good deeds all on their own. They're helping soldiers, raising money to save cancer—and all starting at the tender age of 7. The ones who made our list took it upon themselves to make a big difference, inspiring us to do and give more, too.

After all, if a thirteen-year-old can raise $600,000 for charity, we're fresh out of excuses.

We hope these 10 mini philanthropists will get your family thinking about new ways to give.

How Are You Teaching Your Kids About Money?

Is charity a part of your money discussions with your children? How have you gotten them interested in giving in the past?

Of course, if your child has yet to start his own non-profit, fear not: You can, and should, start small. Every donation or moment spent volunteering makes a difference.

If you know or have heard of other super-charitable kids, please share their stories with us in the comments.

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