Throw a Fabulous and Frugal Holiday Party with These Party Decorations, Treats, And More

Throw a Fabulous and Frugal Holiday Party with These Party Decorations, Treats, And More

Throwing a festive holiday get together can become a pricey endeavor if you’re not careful. The cost of all the food, drinks and decorations can really sock a punch to your holiday budget. But don’t worry—there is no reason why you can’t have a fabulous bash without spending a fortune.

Stretch your party budget to the max by getting resourceful and creating the ultimate Fab & Fru party experience for both you and your guests!

Use What You’ve Got

The key to decorating is to multi-task every element of your party. From edible decor to transforming everyday items that you already have at home into decorations, you can get the party started without spending a bundle.

Wrap Your Table Like a Present

If you have wrapping paper remnants lying around, don’t let them go to waste! Use them to design a festive table cloth instead. Just create a runner with a longer piece of wrapping paper, and then use the smaller pieces and scraps to create a unique collage of different colors, patterns, metallics, trees, Santas, or whatever combination you fancy.  Use ribbon and tape a bow to the front of the table to really put the finishing touch on your gifty design!

Create an Edible Decor Dessert Bar

Instead of having a savory cocktail party with tons of pricey hors d’ouvres, theme your celebration around dessert instead. And the good news is, there’s no need to bake for days or purchase gourmet sweets. You can creatively—and easily—arrange a Fab & Fru array of tasty treats that will also double as your decorations.

Fill Your Good Glasses With Candy

You may not want thirty tipsy guests walking around the party sipping wine out of your finest crystal, but you can use those glasses to create a Candyland theme on your dessert table. Seriously, what good are all those wedding gifts doing just sitting hidden in your cabinets? Fill wine glasses, martini glasses, and champagne flutes with colorful M&M’s, peppermint candies, gold and silver Hershey Kisses, or whatever your favorite candies may be.

Mistletoe & Hershey Kisses

For a fun way to present a simple treat like Hershey Kisses, we love this idea:  Get a tall vase (we like to fill really tall glass vases  with rolls of colorful wrapping paper rolls we have laying around) and hang or dangle some mistletoe, rosemary, kale—anything leafy green—from the top of the vase. Post up a sign saying, “Get A Kiss Under The Mistletoe” and suddenly, instead of boring old Hershey Kisses, you have a sassy conversation starter that costs you nothing extra!

Naughty Or Nice Brownies

We all love Brandi’s famous Fab & Fru brownie recipe—the basics being that you take any store-bought brownie mix and melt a bar of good, (65% or higher) dark chocolate into the mix to make for a gourmet tasting brownie at a bargain price. Ok, but even the best brownies are sort of bah-humbug boring…. so liven them up through presentation!  We like to arrange two Christmas stockings on the table, one with brownies pouring out of them and a sign reading “Lumps of Coal If You Are Naughty!” and the other filled with inexpensive candy canes with a sign saying, “Candy if You Are Nice!” Again, a little creativity makes average, cheap treats seem special.

Question Your Popcorn Bowl

Start with a big bowl of popcorn (we like to make sweet kettle corn) and label it, “Let It Snow!” Suddenly, good old popcorn is a lot more festive. We then like to take it an unexpected step further: ‘Hide’ little paper fortunes with handwritten notes in the popcorn! When your guests grab a handful, they will also pull out a ‘fortune’ along with it. We love writing fortunes about guests at the party because they really help to get the conversation flowing. All you need is something simple like, “Did you know that there are two veterinarians at this party?”

Make Deconstructed Candy Apples

Sure, everyone loves a candy apple, but you probably don’t want to eat a whole one at a cocktail party.  Our solution: make deconstructed ones! Just lay out apple slices (a combo of red and green is perfect) and then fill small bowls with caramel sauce, nuts, sprinkles, and let your guests dip away!

One Drink Fits All

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You are not responsible for giving your guests a vast array of drink choices or making sure they get all four food groups at your party. When it comes to beverages, we find one drink really can fit all, and that drink is apple cider. The kids can drink it cold, adults can enjoy it heated up, and those who want can spike it with a little rum. An added bonus is that it scents your house so wonderfully, your guests will feel right at home the second they walk through the door.

Pitchers Of Art

Anotherbeautiful beverage to wow your guests is the Pomegranate Seed Martini.  Display pitchers of this stunning drink to add holiday elegance to your table. You can make this drink with or without the vodka!

Pomegranate Seed Martini

  • Chilled Vodka
  • Club Soda
  • Ice
  • Pomegranate Seeds

Grab a large clear glass pitcher and mix up a batch. Use chilled vodka and club soda, and make sure to freeze the pomegranate seeds ahead of time, too. This way they’ll help to keep the drink cold, plus if the seeds are frozen, the drink won’t turn red! Pour the vodka over the ice and mix in a spoonful of pomegranate seeds. It looks really cool, and tastes even better. Cheers!

We wish you a season full or Fab & Fru merriment.  And remember: You don’t need to over-spend to go all out! Happy Holidays!


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