Quiz: Can You Handle Black Friday?

Young woman shopping in retail storeYou wake up early, pull on your tennis shoes, roll your neck and stretch your arms, review your route and line up at the starting line to await the signal.

No, it’s not marathon time. It’s Black Friday.

But let’s be real: Black Friday isn't for everyone. It takes a certain type of personality to navigate this national shopping holiday and actually come out ahead—and it doesn't matter whether you have a lot (or a little) money to spend. If you're a good Black Friday shopper, you can stay within budget and blow everyone away, scoring perfect gifts at deep discounts. But if you don't know how to navigate Black Friday, it will most certainly stress you out and lead you to overspend.

Learn Their Secrets

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That's because on this day, the stores are like casinos: Even though some people win big, overall, the house always comes out ahead. And for every person who scores a flat screen TV for $150, there are ten other shoppers who get caught up in the craze and wind up in the red.

Which will you be?

To help you find out, we’ve put together a personality quiz that will tell you whether this fateful Friday, you should go strong or stay home. And as a bonus, each question will give you a tip on making the best of this retail frenzy ... should you choose to.

Find out whether you've got what it takes to master Black Friday.

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    • Did not like the result of my quiz at all. It was too many questions and then produced the wrong result. I should proceed with caution??? 
      1)I plan my trip down to a few products
      2) I go to one or two stores. 
      And this is not a “morning person” event, black friday starts after midnight, that’s for night owls.Who came up with this waste of time? 

      • I got proceed with caution too, but a lot of stores do have theirs in the morning, and some people wait for really long times for the stores to open. I’ve seen people who got at a Target store at 2 a.m. and already there was a line a mile long.

    • Analapraya

      There were some pretty good tips each time I answered a question. Some more obvious than others and humorous, like “don’t bring your grandmother”. I think this quiz is a great reminder of how we should be taking on Black Friday Shopping. It can either be really crazy or just downright overwhelming because of all the stuff you want to get.

      • Yeah, I thought that part was funny too. It is crazy how people can act over that day. Just seeing the blonde lady in the red jumpsuit on those Target commercials makes me want to laugh and cringe all at the same time.

    • Well it is good to know that I could do pretty well with Black Friday despite not liking crowds and not being competitive about the things that I do. I usually try to find out what I want to give everyone on my Christmas list beforehand, so that the items will be much easier to find, and I can research them beforehand.