It's Election Day: Where Do I Vote?

It's Election Day: Where Do I Vote?

It’s Election Day, and we know you have something to say.

From Occupy Wall Street to the debt ceiling crisis, from debit card fees to the actions of the Federal Reserve Board on interest rates, it’s been a hectic year for money.  Now is the time to weigh in on what happens next.

It’s not the high-profile Election Day anticipated by presidential banners and smear campaigns, but it is the day to elect your local officials—those people who will make the big and small decisions for your city. They include governors, mayors, judges and members of the state legislature, but the specific offices up for election depend on the state and county. (A complete list of your local candidates can be found here.)

We do our best to keep you informed about what is, but determining what will be is up to you—so get out and vote.

To find out where to vote (and if you’re registered), check out Can I Vote?, a website that checks your eligibility and links to polling place locators for each state.

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