Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays: DIY Gifts You Can Make With Your Kid

Guerrilla Guide: DIY Gifts Your Kid Can MakeSo far, in our Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays for Moms, we've brought you great but inexpensive gift ideas for kids ranging from babies to high schoolers, and a wide range of holiday card options to help you choose which are best for you.

With five weeks left to go, we're tapping into your creative side—and helping you save some cash in the process.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get every time you receive a homemade gift from your kid? This holiday season, why not help spread those warm fuzzies?

DIY gifts are especially great presents for those on your list who'd appreciate something a little more sentimental, like Grandma or Grandpa, close family friends or aunts and uncles.

If you're not sure who would most appreciate something homemade, try figuring out how each person receives messages of affection: For some people, knowing you put time and love into making something will actually mean more than getting a store-bought gift. To find out which "Love Language" your friends and family speak, read this.

How Do You Save Money for the Holidays?

What tips and tricks can you share that save you a bit of cash during the holiday season? Have you ever helped your kid DIY gifts?

Making homemade gifts is also a fun bonding activity to do with your kids ... and one that can save you money. In particular, if it's your tradition to give two gifts to friends and relatives--one from you and one "from" your child--DIY can help you share the warmth while buying half as many presents. (If you haven't finalized your holiday budget yet, do it right now.)

Plan ahead and pick a few festive projects that use materials you may even already have around the house. Then, where possible, buy any other supplies you'll need in bulk to save money.

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