Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays: Budget-Friendly Gifts For Kids, Part 2

Gifts for KidsThe holidays are only seven short weeks away, and we want to help you get through the season with as little stress as possible. So, our Guerrilla Guide to the Holidays is here to help you tackle each holiday to-do, step by step.

Last week we shared our favorite meaningful, educational and fun gifts for babies, toddlers and preschoolers that won't send you into the red.

Today, we bring you budget-friendly ideas for those elementary, junior high and high school kids on your list.

All gifts here are under $50: None are a penny over, and many are much less. If you haven't fully ironed out your holiday gift budget, read our step-by-step plan here.

But also note that this is a good age to start teaching kids that money isn't everything. While we aren't suggesting you abandon physical gifts altogether (this is a gift guide, after all), we do suggest you start thinking about other ways to show love.

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How do you budget for the holidays? Share your tricks!

For example, maybe you'll impart the importance of quality time by sitting down as a family to write holiday cards. Or, in addition to a physical gift for your teenager, you might set aside a homemade dinner just for the two of you.

Along these lines, keep your eyes out for our DIY gift guide--with crafts that your kids can help out with, too!

Here are our favorite picks for kids ages five and up:

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  • aninformedmom

    I have to take issue with your inclusion of the “Glee” DVD set on the list of junior high gifts. You either don’t watch the show or don’t have a junior high-age child. If you did, you would know that the subject matter on the show is definitely not for preteens, although the music is great.

    • Guest


  • guest

    To what “holidays” in 7 weeks are you referring, where you buy gifts for people and put them under a decorated evergreen tree? Hannukah? No, wait, because that’s in 6 weeks, not 7. Kwanzaa? No, because they don’t use the red and green theme you show here with the tree. OH! You mean CHRISTMAS?! Don’t be afraid to call it what it is, for crying out loud. I’m so disgusted by this trend. It would be like me getting offended at hearing people calling you Cheryl just because I don’t like any Cheryls, and saying I’m going to just call you Jill. It is what it is, people! 

    • Shannon

      What a productive addition to the conversation…