From Blu-Ray to Play Doh: Black Friday Deals for the Whole Family

From Blu-Ray to Play Doh: Black Friday Deals for the Whole Family

If there were ever a time to get a sitter, this could be it.

Black Friday is coming up fast, and retailers are opening earlier than ever this year, hoping to attract customers on Thanksgiving night instead of waiting for dawn. Some people even cut Thanksgiving a tad short in honor of the sales, planning their routes while mashing potatoes.

So, we’ve scoured the internet for some of the best family-friendly deals this year. (Though, if you want, we can help with the potatoes, too!)

Below, you'll find the clothes, toys and electronics that will be reduced the most on Black Friday (and now, Thursday) this year. Where available, we've also included links to the store promotions that wily bargain-hunters have already posted online.

Do You Shop Black Friday?

How do you budget for the holidays? Is most of your shopping done by the time Black Friday rolls around, or are you waiting for the doors to open every year?

That said, not everyone is cut out for the early-morning spending spree. To find out if you have the right personality to handle Black Friday, take our quiz.

We trust that you’ll know how to use them.

Store & Opening Time Our Rating: Expect to See: Highlights for Kids: The Circular:
12am, 11/21
Amazon GOOD "Lightning Deals" every day of Black Friday week; 20-70% off electronics Leapfrog Leapster 2 game for $35.99 Available HERE
10am, 11/24
Express GOOD 40% off everything on Thanksgiving Day; 30% off on Black Friday morning N/A Available HERE
10pm, 11/24
Walmart GREAT Up to 80% off home products Board games for $3.88 Available HERE
Sam's Club 10pm GREAT 25-50% off kitchen accessories Blue Wii Console for $99 Available HERE
Toys 'R Us GOOD 20-50% off regularly-priced stock Free Play Doh 4-pack with $15 of Play Doh; buy 1 get 1 40% off Wii games Available HERE
12am, 11/25
Best Buy GOOD 20-70% off regularly-priced stock Free BluRay player with the purchase of latest Sprint smartphone Available HERE
Target FAIR 70% off DVDs $20 Razor scooter Available HERE
Old Navy GREAT 50% off tees, hoodies, leggings, outerwear, pajamas and fleece Free Kodak Digital Sport waterproof camera with $40 purchase Available HERE
Kohl's GOOD 50-70% off bedding $15 in Kohl's cash for every $50 spent, Available HERE
Macy's GREAT 60-75% off select bedding Buy 1 get 1 free kids' sweaters; Available HERE
BabyGap GREAT (2010) This year's ads not yet released, but Gap Kids & BabyGap offered 50% off entire store in 2010 N/A Not yet available
4am, 11/25
JCPenney GOOD 70% off regularly-priced jewelry 50-60% off remote-control electronics Available HERE
Sears GREAT 50% off select appliances, 50-60% off mattresses Colby digital frame for $29.99 Available HERE
5am, 11/25
Kmart GOOD 50% off beauty accessories 50% off giant trampoline; six-foot Christmas tree for $19.99 Available HERE
The Children's Place FAIR (2010) This year's ad not yet released, but offered 20% off all purchases and free shipping in 2010 N/A Not yet available


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