Delicious Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving LeftoversSome Thanksgiving meals are so good, people start looking forward to the leftovers before they've even cleaned their plates.

And, with all the cooking that goes on to make the holiday possible, the fruits of your labors should definitely last more than one night.

What if we told you it was possible to put together a different creative meal every night for a week after Thanksgiving, using nothing but your leftovers and a couple of kitchen staples, like eggs?

And we're not just talking microwaved turkey. To help you make the most of every last bit of Thanksgiving goodness, we’re reinventing leftovers like gravy, stuffing, vegetables, mashed potatoes and even dessert, with easy recipes that will please kids and adults alike. After all, the last thing you need is more time in the kitchen!

From shepherd’s pie to a savory bread pudding, check out what we’re making for our families:

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